Hemodialysis Treatment at Diamond Dialysis

Diamond Dialysis
Blood flow through kidney dialysis machine, from arterial blood, through the pump, filter, bubble trap and return flow to the venous circulation.

Hemodialysis is a procedure that cleans and filters the blood. It rids the body of harmful wastes and extra salt and fluids. It also controls blood pressure and helps the body keep the proper balance of chemicals such as potassium, sodium, and chloride. Hemodialysis cleans the blood in a treatment that is performed outside of your body. In this treatment, your blood is circulated through a filter (dialyzer) connected to a dialysis machine. Each treatment usually takes 4-5 hours at Diamond Dialysis and it must be performed at least three times a week.


Studies show that hemodialysis is the most common method to treat advanced and chronic kidney disease. The hemodialysis uses an “artificial kidney”, called a dialyzer, and a machine, during the treatment, part of its blood is conducted to the dialyzer through a system of sterile lines. During this treatment, the amount of blood that is outside your body is the equivalent of 25O-26O ml. An average adult has between 4 to 5 liters of blood in the body and can easily tolerate this small amount outside their body.


With hemodialysis, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Follow a strict treatment schedule at Diamond Dialysis
  • Take medications we give you religiously
  • Make positive changes in your diet


Although hemodialysis can be a serious responsibility, you do not have to carry the burden alone. You’ll work closely with a Diamond Dialysis team, a kidney specialist and other professionals here at Diamond Dialysis with experience managing hemodialysis. You may be able to do hemodialysis at home. Call us today to find out how or schedule a tour.


During your hemodialysis treatment, you will receive quality care from the Diamond Dialysis comprehensive renal care staff. We advise that you attend each hemodialysis session with a relative or caregiver who is of legal age. Before starting the session, you will be evaluated by a Diamond Dialysis medical staff who will decide the most appropriate treatment parameters for you. The nursing staff will take your vital signs constantly for your safety. While you are on hemodialysis, you will be very a very comfortable space. You will have a television and wireless internet access.